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Fruity Loops Wax Melts

Fruity Loops Wax Melts


This highly scented, popular item is now in a wax melt form!  As always, each melt will melt down to create a pool of wondrous shimmer in your warmer.  Mix and match any colors together as they are all scented with the nostalgic scent of  your favorite childhood cereal.


Weight 2.5 oz

Approx 30+ pieces

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  • Candle and Melt Care

    Do Not Eat
    Keep Away From Children and Pets
    Do Not Leave Unattended

    Keep candles in a safe area away from other items and people.  Trim wick to 1/4 inch from highest point of candle design.  It is best to trim wicks before every burn as well.  

    Every candle has a shimmering effect when melted.  If wick goes out, take a skewer and clear wick of any shimmering "debris" and trim wick if necessary.  Re-light.

    Initial melt should be a minimum of 2 hours for full melt pool and 3 hours for maximum scent throw.  Do not keep candles burning longer than 4 hours at a time.  

    Any large melts should be broken up to fit your warmer.

    No two candles are identical.  Frosting may occur on candles due to trapped air, but it will in no way affect the burn of the candle. 

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