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Enchanted Forest Wax Melt Collection

Enchanted Forest Wax Melt Collection


These highly scented wax melts will have you imagining you are walking throughout an Enchanted Forest and there is something for everyone.  With the season of Spring upon us, let me introduce the refreshing scents offered.


Enchanted Forest

Aloe & Clover Scented

This scent welcomes you into the enchanted Forest with complex notes that elevate this floral scent.  Notes of  jasmine petals and fresh citrus with a woodsy, sweet musk background.  


Pixie Dust

Berry Fizz Scented

If Pixie Dust had a scent in this forest, it would consist of a sweet and effervescent berry.  With fruity notes of pomegranate, strawberry, blackberry, citrus notes of lime, mandarin, grapefruit, and a bottom note of bamboo.  


Enchanted Blossom

Jasmine Scented

The Echanted Bloom from the Enchanted Forest.  These wax melts give you the classic freshly picked Jasmine scent with a slight rose base that we have not seen in my line as of yet.  Again, giving you that clean, floral, and refreshing feel to your home.  




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